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RHJ-2150 Embossing Machine

This new type heating roller embossing machine is deep processing equipment, it is used for the pile plush grey fabric to make all kinds of fashion fabric. Its working principle: according to the fusion points of different chemical fiber, to adjust the temperature of the heating roller, the grey fabric will be pressed under the combined  action between heating roller and screen cage type or vane type embossing roller to get all kinds of required pattern.

1. working width on fabric(effective width):2000~2600mm;(Normal working width2000mm)

Embossing speed:0.5~5m/min;

2. motor power:3.2kW

(1.) XWD2.2-4-1/87  2.2kW   output 17rpm;

(2.) fabric delivery motor:NMRV75-80  0.55Kw export 17.5rpm;

(3.) Dust collection fan :0.37kW, 2900rpm  500m3/h

3. embossing roller:(make different patterns by user need )

(1.)screen cage type: embossing roller:stainless steel rollerφ370mm;

(2.) vane type : embossing roller:φ150、φ225mm two types ;

4. thermal oil heating roller:φ450mm;

5. High temperature heat thermal oil:The highest temperature is 300 ℃;

Heating pipe about 18 pieces, heating power: 27kw

6. machine weight: about 1.5 tons

7.air supplied by user:above 1Mpa

8.Overall dimensions: length*width *height (mm):2750x(3400~4000)x2800mm

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