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Qingdao Chenglijia Machinery Co,. LTDis an enterprise specializing in the production of textile machinery. With its advanced technology, the company is developing new products constantly. The main products include: CLJ-200 high speed carding machine,(high production;The company's patented product), FN271F High-speed carding Top-making Machine (The company's patented product), FA266-type and FA1267 high speed carding machine ;High-speed Semi-worsted Carding Series BC272G/H/F-type Four-carding Machine ,FDY-360-type Proofer (Dyeing, spinning, wool carding), including Testing Packing Machine, Printing Machine,embossing machine ,rolling pilling machine  and JW-type water jet loom,etc. At the same time, the company can manufacture more than 50 varieties of textile machinery products and accessories,.


which the machinery corporation possesses the complete process flow of machinery manufacturing technology of machining and assembly,and advanced equipments such as laser cutting ,planer-type machining center,numerical control lathes ,etc,our company is the professional manufacturer of textile carding machinery with larger production scale and most complete varieties.


The company is situated on the bank of jiaozhou bay of the shandong peninsula Blue Economic Zone,with the connection of cross-sea bridge,the undersea tunnel,qingdao seaport,the tongsan expressway and jiqing South and North Highway etc.the company has been integrated into qingdao intra-city development, and the traffic is extremely convenient for you to visit here. “Human’s happiness lies in having bosom friends”. Chairman Zhang Yaoming and all the staff sincerely hope to develop friendship with domestic and foreign businessmen and establish a good long-term business partnership. Sincerely welcome you to visit us.


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