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LGB-2000 Aytomatic Faeric Hanging Machine

Product Usage:

By taking advantage of hanging rod’s circulatory motion, This machine is used to hang all kind of pile plush fabric automaticlly, and make fabric cool naturally.

1 equipped with deviation correcting device to make sure that fabric is hanged neatly . 

2.the fist working procedure and the next procedure can be droved synchronously.

3. speed of fabric feeding and deliverying is controlled by  frequency converter.

4. This machine is equipped with automatic protective device which can detect these things, such as no fabric, fabric dropped, full fabric, and fabric stored .

1.fabric hanging width:2000mm

2.hanging speed:0~14m/min

3.fabric handing length:220m

4.machine power:2.25kw

5. Overall dimensions: 5900X2730X3510 (mm)

6.machine weight:2000kg

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