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FN217F High-speed carding and slivering machine

Product Usage:

This machine is applicable to open,card and blend chemcial fibers and mixed fibers,condense them into wool tops of certain specifications ,and then coil them into sliver can regularly for the following process.

1、 The feeding part is equipped with metallic and hard matters detecting device and over-thick layers stop motion to guarantee the safety of the machine;

2、 The licker-in is equipped with over-low speed stop motion in order to prevent the machine jams;

3、 The machine is equipped with broken tops stop motion;;;

4、 The machine is equipped with suction system for collecting flyings and short fibers on the machine so as to prevent machine jams and reduce the cleaning frequency;

5、 The input layers are adjusted automatically by the autoleveller system,so as to guarantee the evenness and stability of wool tops.

6、 The coiler with 3-working position or 4-working position auto can changer can further lessen the labor intensity of workers.

7、 The electrical control box is located inside the framework of the front part of this macine;the touch display screen is fixed on the left encloser of the front part of the machine,so it's convenient to operate and the working space is increased.

8、 In the automation control,this machire realized the communication between the PLC and the touch screen to set and amend the technological parameters and observe the working conditions of all the running parts and the faults in time,and with the man-machine conversation PLC to control the inverter and make the frequency more stable,so as to guarantee the machine's normal running.

9、 Adopt totally-enclosed safety cover,with good appearance and in perfect order.

1、Machine width : 1500mm

2、Applicable material; Chemical fiber and its blendings, with the  length 25-127mm and the finess is 0.8-30D

3、Feeding form : single-box volumetric type automatic continuous feeding with photoelectric control

4、Delivery tops weight : 7-20g/m

5、Total draft multiple: 32-140

6、Max. delivery speed : 200m/min

7、Max. productive capacity : 240kg/h per set

8、Cylinder working dia: Φ770mm

9、Cylinder speed: 400 RPM(frequency control)

10、Licker-in working dia: Φ250mm

11、Licker-in speed : 600 RPM(frequency control)

12、Doffer working dia: Φ650mm

13、Doffer speed: 10-75RPM (frequency control)

14、air consumption for dust suction(continuous): 2200m3/h per set

15、Coil type Manual type: 3-position or 4-position automatic can changer

16、Applicable sliver can specification: Φ600×900,Φ400×1100(optional)

17、Total power: 12.8kw

18、Floor face Width : 1.5m   11000*2560

19、Machine weight(L*W) : 11000kg

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