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CLJFN-200 high speed carding machine

Product Usage:

CLJFN-200 high speed carding machine is a type of roller carding machine. This machine is applicable for the chemical fiber, wool fiber, cotton fiber and blendings from preliminaryprocess, make raw material for further opening, removing impurity, mixing, carding. Card crimp shaped fiber regiment into unbend of single fiber, then condense fiber web into wool tops of certain specificaton, and coil them into sliver can regularly for the following process.

1、Two types of feeding method: volume and flat push vibrating , to gurantee the evenness and stability of wool tops

2、The feeding part is equipped with metallic and hard matters detecting and over-thick layers stop motion to gurantee the safety of the card clothing.

3、 plunker roller is equipped with over-low speed stop motion in order to preventthe machine jams

4、 Can coiler is equipped with broken tops stop motion, to Reduce material waste

5、The machine is equipped with suction system to balance the airflow from high speed running and collect flyings and short fibers on the machine, so as to prevent fiber winding on rollers and make sure sliver quality

6、 The latest designed bundling and drafting mechanism ensures stable and high-production sliver output, and fiber can be feeded by weight.

7、Adopt synchronized toothed belts for the whole machine transmission, ensuringstable running and low noise

8、 The coiler with 3-working position auto can changer can further lessen the labor intersity of workers

9、Adopt separated motor transmission and inverter control for the feeding roller, cyliner, working roller, doffer and  can coiler, be controlled by PLC, the touch screen can be used to display all functions and faults and set the relative technological parameters

10、Adopt totally-enclosed safety cover, with good appearance and in perfect order .

1. 工作宽度:2000mm

2. 可梳理纤维长度:38-200mm

3. 可梳理纤维细度:1.5-3D

4. 梳理点数量:8组

5. 出条重量:10-20g/m

6. 出条速度最高:280m/min

7. 占地面积(长*宽*高):12000*4610*5170

8. 机器重量:约16000KG

9. 装机功率:23.93kw

10. 生产能力:最高300kg/h

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